February 3, 2021 – Calming Troubled Waters: Getting IRA Death Proceeds Paid In A Timely Manner

February 3, 2021 @ 11:30 am – 1:00 pm

Calming Troubled Waters:  Getting IRA Death Proceeds Paid In A Timely Manner

Johni Hays, J.D., FCEP

February 3, 2021

Has your nonprofit experienced delays while attempting to collect IRA proceeds when a donor has died? Has it taken months or years to get paid? Has your organization been required to set up an entirely separate, second account? What was once a simple transaction, has now turned into an onerous and laborious procedure – so much so, that some charities are completely giving up on trying to get their rightful share. Do you want to know how to avoid all this? Do you want a quicker way to get paid? Join us to learn how to get your money fast.

Johni Hays, with her extensive legal and nonprofit professional experience, as well as a genuine desire to be a helper, Johni discovered the ideal opportunity at Thompson & Associates.  She credits the company’s reputation of genuineness, sincerity and integrity.  At Thompson & Associates, she most values the role she plays in helping others figure out what they need in an estate plan and pulling together all the pieces so individuals can enjoy peace of mind.

Johni is an accomplished writer, having been quoted in the Wall Street Journal and publishing estate planning articles in numerous publications like Planned Giving Today, Estate Planning Magazine, Fundraising Success, Life Insurance Selling and the National Underwriter.  Additionally, she is the author of the book, Essentials of Annuities and co-author of the book, The Tools and Techniques of Charitable Planning.  She also serves as a charitable planning author of Steve Leimberg’s electronic newsletter service, LISI, found at www.leimbergservices.com.

She has been engaged in the practice of law with an emphasis in charitable and estate planning since 1993.  She has also worked with the insurance industry helping agents with estate and charitable plans for their clients.

Johni served as the President of the Charitable Estate Planning Institute from 2012 and retired in 2016. She and a group of Thompson & Associates colleagues formed the Institute in 2012, as a means for estate planning professionals from across the country to gather annually to discuss advanced topics specifically geared towards estate planning.

Johni frequently lectures on a national basis to groups on estate and charitable planning, probate, living wills, annuities, life insurance, retirement planning and IRAs, as well as income, estate and gift taxation. Her quick wit and engaging personality make the often-complicated topics of estate planning fun and easy to understand.


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